The Deep

Serecuse, blue ocean, green trees, a planet of mighty storm tossed seas and calm, fertile islands. This world is plied by the powerful ironclad galleys and swift, many sailed frigates, cargo craft, military vessels, and those with more nefarious purposes. Beneath the waves cruise deadly silent and magically driven submarines, launched from enormous carriers, searching the ocean floor and striking deftly against surface vessels.

In this world of blue and green, there lies a black scar, the abyss. The deepness extends ever downwards, deeper than anyone has ever dared to drive. But those who have searched the abyss, have found treasures like no other, bubbles of air containing entire cities, sunken boats made of pure platinum, creatures of the sea as large as islands and much more.

In this world of sea and sky, there are those who take their mighty submarines down into the deep, the most adventuress of them even venturing into the abyss itself, to search for the wonders that lie there, they are known as divers. All sorts of people make up diver crews, those on the run from the law, those seeking glory, those seeking wealth, those seeking the truth, and those seeking death.

You are a diver, or soon will be. Your life is your ship, your crew, the treasure you seek, and the ceaseless ping of the sonar.

The Deep

Deep sea by nihindula