The Planet

The planet of Serecuse is slightly smaller than earth, slightly closer to it’s sun and has about half as much of a tilt to it’s orbit. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it is part of a binary planet system. Which-means that it, and it’s double planet Sardinia orbit around each other whilst together moving around the sun.

This all means that

A year on seracuse is 301 days
A day on seracuse is 27 hours
Most cultures divide the year into 43 weeks of 7 days.

Orbital Characteristics:
Aphelion: 145100000 KM (0.969933591441 AU)
Perihelion: 141300000 KM (0.944532160377 AU)

Axial tilt = 13.7

In co-orbit with another planet – called the sister by most

No moons

slightly closer to the sun than us

due to orbital config, tides are fucky and eclipses are common

The Planet

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